Access Rights

The archive browser can be used without logging in but only public data and reference files will be available for download in that case. It is therefore recommended to log in before performing any searches relating to private (proprietary) data.
Generally all data matching a query are shown however private (proprietary) data belonging to another user will not have a download option. Similarly, L0 Files can only be downloaded by a recognised instrument team member.
If there is no checkbox next to an entry after clicking on a result in the results page, this means that you have no access rights to this data or are not correctly logged in.

Filtering Options

The CHEOPS Archive Browser filtering page provides the CHEOPS science community with different options by which to query the CHEOPS Archive for CHEOPS mission product data. There are three different query tabs in which users can set up archive queries:

After setting up the filters, users need to click on the Submit button to initiate the archive query. Clicking on the Reset button clears all filters of the selected query tab.

Results Page

After the successful submission and execution of the archive query, the results page will display the list of all products found in the CHEOPS Archive that match the entered filter options. The results page comprises a formatted table, where products are grouped by visit.

Download Pop-up

The download pop-up window lists all products from a visit and comes up when a visit ID link from the query results table is clicked on. The window contains a formatted table listing the individual products.

Login Widget

The login widget presented on the right hand side of the CHEOPS Archive Browser home page enables registered users to log in (and log out). Login credentials are provided by the CHEOPS SOC. All questions regarding archive accounts should be sent to the following email address: cheops-pso@unige.ch.

SOC notes

The SOC notes page contains information about CHEOPS data releases as well as known issues with the archive.


CHEOPS Archive Browser Version: 13.1.0